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Remedial Massage Therapist – Holly Zara  ( 5+yrs of Experience )


I first ignited my passion for the industry while providing corporate therapeutic massages to a vast array of organisations and companies. My enthusiasm grew and so did my fascination for the human body and its innate ability to heal and so then, I furthered my studies and knowledge. While completing my Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2019, I began the creation of Hands to Heal Massage. Upon completion, I worked within a successful Remedial Clinic on the Gold Coast in 2020, further expanding my knowledge and skills while working among other extremely talented therapists. After a year I then decided to fully submerge myself in working full time for Hands to Heal Massage. Ever since, I have conducted numerous trials to enhance results and produced my own unique Lymphatic Drainage protocol. Incorporating a combination of a few different styles to maximize time and efficiency. My passion continues to grow for this form of therapy and I encourage people to invest in their health, because that is by far true wealth!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” - Buddha


The Lymphatic System is our bodies sewerage system. Ridding us from excess toxins and waste material. Keeping our bodies healthy, our immune strong and maintaining healthy fluid levels. This massage assists the body to maintain a healthy flow. Often the system can become sluggish from excess eating, drinking, alcohol, unhealthy eating choices and heightened stress levels, just to name a few. This can cause a build-up toxins. This treatment can then help to flush out this unwanted build up.

It is a non-invasive, very relaxing style of massage. It is performed by the activation on the lymph nodes followed by a relaxing massage towards the nodes to encourage the flow of fluid where it will be filtered and removed as waste. 

Results will be seen after the massage is performed and the body will then continue to work more effectively post session. Everybody is different and results may vary from case to case depending on severity, congestion and your particular body.

​It is advised to book in 3 sessions in a row maximum 7 days a part to kick start the system. Then a reassessment will be conducted to determine an appropriate treatment plan forward to maintain results and to assist the body natural detoxing abilities. Depending on underlying issues, this treatment can also help in the ongoing management of certain conditions.

Detoxing your body will assist in your overall health and wellness to maximize your body’s functions and abilities.

FEEL & SEE the Difference!

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Pressure Point Massage

"Since detoxing takes some of the workload off your organs, they can then do a better job of protecting your body from illness."

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